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EANAGO offers beautiful children's belts,  and cool schoolbag covers. Since the own distribution would be too expensive, the Amazon distribution system is used. This means that you can only order the items from Amazon. For this you can also use the outstanding service and order process of Amazon.

Belts for kids

All kid´s belts are made of polyurethane (PU), no animal had to die for it, and the manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly than for leather. They are designed for children between the ages of about 5 and about 10 years, ie kindergarten and elementary school. Of course, they fit from the width in the straps of usual children's pants. The belts are colorful, or / and decorated with glitter elements, so that the children like to wear the belt and enjoy it.

Belts for women

Also the woman´s belts are made of polyurethan (PU). It´s a classical design that will fit to your other styles.

School bag covers / backpack rain covers

The school bag covers are made of an absolutely waterproof material, which is also suitable for outdoor use. used for tent floors. The fact that the reflector is glued instead of sewn, rain has absolutely no chance to penetrate. Due to the surrounding elastic band they can easily be used by children.

How do I find more Information and how can I order ?

Just click on an article you like and the corresponding product page on Amazon will open. There you will find additional product information.

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